A Sanctuary for the Senses.


Traditional Massage

This full body massage incorporates long flowing strokes and harmonious movements to provide relaxation, reduce stress and improve circulation, leaving you with the feeling of wellness and body balance.                      

Deep Massage

A special deep tissue massage designed to loosen tight muscles, tendons and ligaments. It helps the alleviation of minor aches and pain, reducing body stiffness and release tension.

Ancient Hammock Massage

This ancient massage is given while you are suspended in the hammock allowing your natural gravity to interact with the therapist to release tension giving you a unique experience.


Chocolate Treatment

Indulge yourself with this chocolate treatment that contains aromas, nutrients and antioxidants, it includes exfoliation with chocolate, cacao wrap, bath, and relaxing body and facial massage; it indulges all of the senses!

Kiin Treatment (sunburn)

This is a special treatment to help relieve the discomfort caused by sunburn. We delicately massage a  special cream that helps repair and hydrate the sensitive skin; we wrap the body in a natural  Mexican cloth for 20 minutes, while doing a facial massage and reflexology to the feet; finishing with refreshing bath.

Natural Xpá Treatment

This treatment consists of an exfoliation with products of nature, which have wonderful properties as antioxidants, minerals and enzymes that smooth the skin and detoxify. Next we proceed a bath and a relaxing massage with sea shells leaving your skin fresh and beautiful.

Sacred Mayan Bath

Created for ancient royalty, this bath consists of a body exfoliation with hemp that activates circulation and removes dead cells. Next we proceed to a wrap applying "Mayan Clay" that comes from the cenotes or sweetwater caves of the Yucatan; it is then rinsed off with fresh water, and we proceed to   a massage with  moisturizing lotion, leaving the skin soft and revitalized.

Herb & Seed Sachet Treatment

This is a relaxing massage that uses warm pouches of Mexican aromatic herbs and seeds. The warmth goes deep into the tissue allowing energy to flow freely, relieving tension and sore muscles.

Xpamor (Couple Massage)

This is a massage especially designed for couples. First we do a Mayan energy cleansing with "copal", a Mayan incense that purifies and balances, followed by a massage with oils based on natural essences, music and an exquisite glass of wine for the exaltation of the senses!


"Ancient Relax"

Ancient Hammock Massage  + Traditional Massage.

$ 118 usd

"Face and Soul"

Traditional Massage + Mayan Clay Facial.

$ 115 usd

" Total Relax"

Traditional Massage + Mayan Clay Facial.  + Hair Xpá Treatment.

$ 130 usd

"Face and Spirit"

Deep Massage + Mayan Clay Facial.

$ 125 usd

"Deep Relax"

Deep Massage +  Mayan Clay Facial + Hair Xpá Treatment.

$ 140 usd

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